Case Analysis

Topics: Management, Case study, 2006 singles Pages: 2 (964 words) Published: October 30, 2014

Phillip Overcash
LPS 315-601
Case Study Analysis Two
September 29th, 2014
Management of Time
For one to be able to balance work, social life, and sleep, one must be able to balance all three between the time that is available. In this Case Analysis issue our subject, Elizabeth Connors, is struggling to stabilize the time spent on her workload and the time spent on her family life. She explains that over the past several weeks she has been busy at home with family members coming in and staying for an extended amount of time. We join her in this storyline as she is sitting at her desk on a Friday afternoon, two hours before quitting time. Now, what was she doing before she had began to feel overwhelmed? Also, on top of all the work she had just some how spotted, she received notice that one of her superiors needed a report on the delivery of some specific county services, and needed it first thing Monday morning. In the following case analysis, I will attempt to analyze Elizabeth’s issues at hand and try to come up with a few viable solutions. I believe that the main issue at hand here is her time management skills. Her work has leaked into her family and social time, which in turn could affect her sleeping schedule as well. I believe this issue is less about leadership of other people and more about leadership of one’s self. She must take a directive approach (discussed in lecture 6) on herself. By doing this she could establish goals for herself and figure out how to achieve them, she could find out how she could become better at evaluation and managing her own timelines, and she could further figure out her role within the county office. First, lets discuss how she could establish goals for herself, as well as achieve them. She has a pile of work on her desk, how did it get there? One goal she could set for herself is give a short timeline to get each assigned piece of work done. This way the paper work rarely will get piled up on her desk. As she...
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