Case Analysis 2-Personal Navigation Devices

Topics: Global Positioning System, Personal digital assistant, Automotive navigation system Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: June 23, 2013
1. Why have Personal Navigation Devices become popular? What technologies are required to facilitate the success of PNDs?

Personal Navigation Devices have become popular because they assist drivers in getting from one location to the next. They can also show the driver if the route that they are taking has congestion or toll roads and an alternate route if one is available. Also, as many cities continue to expand and grow landmarks may not be the same for someone that has visited the same area years ago, as well as almost every major city in the United States has road construction going on to improve on our infrastructure. This can cause problems for travelers that are not familiar with the area, and the use of a PND would show alternate routes for the traveler. Many executive travelers use the PND over a smartphone that has mapping and navigation capabilities for many reasons. The “routing experience could be disturbed by incoming calls, texts or e-mails.” (Dubey, 2012) Other reasons are most cell phone providers no longer offer unlimited data, so using the smartphone would burn up data on the plan, and the navigation is limited to areas where your provider has coverage. This is not good for a person that would be doing international traveling, where using a PND you only have to pack the device and place it in the rental car once you are at your location. The technology that PND uses is called Global Positioning System (GPS) that uses signals from the 27 earth orbiting satellites. “The orbits are arranged so that at any time, anywhere on Earth, there are at least four satellites "visible" in the sky.” (Brian, Harris, 2013) A PND, or sometimes referred to as a GPS receiver, will attempt to receive a signal from at least four or more of these satellites, then using a mathematical principal called trilateration will determine its current location. 2. Who are some of the leaders in PNDs? What are the likely factors that will contribute to winning in this...

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