Case Analysis 2
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Case Analysis 2 In Case Study Two, I analyzed the conversation between Vic the CEO of Nuf Fun and Hinde, the Assistant Head of Product Development about Carvers, the product designer in the Product Development Center. The conversation consisted of carvers inability to work effectively with the product development team. Hinde stated that the team felt that they couldn’t go to Carver with an idea, because he would tell them to fill out the forms in the procedure manual. While in the meantime, he’s rushing to put out his own “preliminarily assessment” and by the time they finished their report, he’s three steps ahead of them. After Hinde finish venting, Vic had nothing to say. He had thought that Carver had gotten everything under control, but he was wrong. Carver was initially a product designer and was outstanding for the length of this time. His designs were a part of every new product that Nuf Fun launched in three years. Wooden, the Head of Product development, felt that Carver was “riding roughshod” over other team members and that behavior was discouraging them from working efficiently.
Even though, team members of product development were also complaining that they were not getting the recognition that they deserved for their work. Vic was so oblivious to seeing how Carvers’ unfavorable behavior was affecting the team. So much, so that Wooden put in a letter of resignation because he couldn’t handle working with Carver any longer, but Vic wouldn’t accept it. After, Wooden’ Alacrity skates design horribly failed, the board of Nuf Fun inquired that Wooden had to be terminated. Carver was promoted to Head of Product development after having a meeting with Vic about the urgency of sales being on time and the best quality. Carver agreed that products would be out on time and that they would be the “best possible” standard. A couple weeks later, Carver presents to Vic two new outstanding designers, which was seemingly pleasing to Hinde, who was apprehensive about

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