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tinue. The implementation role is relevant but the activity for which it needs to be imdertaken requires to be carefully chosen. The funding role may have to wait a little bit until the support role strengthens. The linkage with the govemment seems like a weak link that needs strengthening. New ideas and opportunities perhaps

will have to be explored and action with them facilitated. The linkage with the govemment is an important one for ARAVALI and it would be foolhardy to break it. It gives the organization very valuable positioning and it would be important to make good use of it. ^ « v

Case Analysis 11
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he case is about the dilemma ARAVALI is faced with—whether to increase its coverage in terms of number of client organizations, geographical area and/ or diversification of activities and role or not to increase its coverage. While the decision is critical for the future of ARAVALI, it is a usual part of the growth process of any organization. The case introduces the evolution of social development organizations in the state and their contributions for the deprived sections of the society. ARAVALI, established by the Govemment of Rajasthan as a support organization, has been working for collaboration between NGOs and govemment departments for effective implementation of the programmes/projects aiming at social development. In about eight years of its active working, ARAVALI has grown into a leading support organization of the state, with a reputation for efficiency and values. With an increasing need and demand for sustained growth, it has to take a decision about its futiire course. There are five options, which ARAVALI could consider for decision - (i) to maintain status quo; (ii) to increase number of clients; ( iii) to engage in implementation of projects directly; (iv) take up funding/fund management role; and (v) a combination of more than one. Each option has its own set of constraints and potentials. ARAVALI: Inception and Progression

actively in 1997, taking the guidance from the findings and recommendations of the study conducted by PRADAN and SRIJAN. The study envisaged four important roles for ARAVALI towards fulfillment of its mandate: • • • • innovation in development efforts and replication improvement in service delivery institution building collaboration between government and NGOs.

During these eight years, it successfully played the role of institution building, collaboration, and providing guidance for better service delivery, while the efforts towards innovations seem to have been very few. Some of the efforts are milestone initiatives, e.g., bringing about 15 small NGOs into the fold of implementing agencies for District Poverty Initiative Project (DPIP), capacity enhancement programmes for the functionaries of NGOs on social analysis, project management and financial management, placement of professionals from reputed institutions with small organizations on cost sharing basis, etc. The success of its overall role is evident from the increasing demand for its role. Despite being an agency set up by the govemment with still good amoimt of control on its direction, the team of competent professionals has been able to develop a pro-NGO character and culture of the organization. It could also convince the donor agencies about this and therefore received support for its programmes and also for small NGOs. But now the stage has come when ARAVALI would have to take concrete steps towards substantive growth to sustain the 133

ARAVALI was set up in 1994, with a mandate to facilitate the usage of potential synergy of development sector and govemment departments. It started functioning VIKALPA • VOLUME 34 • NO 4 • OCTOBER - DECEMBER 2009

team. It has already witnessed an unprecedented attrition in recent months due to the mismatch between expectations of the team...
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