Case Analysis #2

Topics: Boss, Regional policy of the European Union, Creativity Pages: 4 (1165 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Rongsheng Yuan
Hector Martinez
Case analysis#2

Amelia Rogers, the account director for Tassani Communication, worked with the Marketing director, Guy Johnson. Johnson informed her that Dave Burns, the creative director had phoned him to discuss the direction of the “Rust No More Muffler” project. The problem is if Amelia need to take up the situation with Jim Paglia, the COO of Tassani Communications. Rogers, Burns and Johnson worked on a variety of ideas for the “Rost No More” project. They met to review the work several times to make suggestions of feasibility of the project. Burns was satisfied with the sketch and believed that the work could be improved smoothly. However, Johnson’s boss had some queries about their ideas. Johnson asked Rogers and Burns to start working on another layout. There are four objectives that explain the reasons why Burns tried to phone Johnson several times even if he was not supposed to do so. First of all, Burns’ role was to give the creatives’ ideas to the clients and account management people. He need to communicate the creatives’ version in a convincing way. As a creative director, Burns should make the client to think the creatives’ more groundbreaking ideas. It was his task to talk with his clients in terms of their interests. In order to make his work successfully, he had to meet his client frequently to make sure all the requirements were included and meet. Burn was a responsible director who cared about the ideas of his clients and the quality of the project. Secondly, Burns was not able to accept clients’ opinions when they do not agree with him. However, Burn did not consider his stubbornness as a weakness even if he was aware of a fault. In his opinion, if he disagreed with someone, he was free to not agree and give out his thoughts. His point of view was true, but he often did not understand situations well. As Rogers mentioned in the case, Dave loved to be shared with backgrounds. Since...
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