Case 8

Topics: Negotiation, Dispute resolution, Cross-cultural Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: October 6, 2014
NOTE: This material is also available as a role-play (Exercise 29, Sick Leave). Instructors are advised to use either the role-play or the case, but not both because they overlap considerably. Choosing whether to use the role-play or case materials depends on your goals for the class and the level of sophistication and cross-cultural experience of the students. For homogeneous classes with little previous cross-cultural experience, one option is to use the case to teach the cross-cultural nuances of American-Japanese negotiations and to follow this with Exercise 28 (500 English Sentences), a role-play with many similar lessons to Sick Leave.


This case is written from the perspective of Kelly, a 22 year old Canadian Assistant English teacher working in Japan. The root of the conflict in this case is a deep cross-cultural misunderstanding that has transformed into a much larger incident involving important intangible factors such as saving face and maintaining principles. Specific learning objectives include:

1. To understand how two parties have framed a conflict very differently in a cross-cultural setting. 2. To explore the differences between positions and interests in a cross-cultural negotiation. 3. To understand a conflict where the intangible factors are much more important than the tangible factors.

Changes from 4th Edition

There are no substantive changes from the Fourth Edition.

Operational Needs

Time Required 45-60 minutes for the case discussion.

Special Materials None.

Recommended Reading Assignments to Accompany This Case

Reader: 5.1 (Brett), 5.2 (Salacuse), 5.3 (Senger), 5.4 (Koh).

Text: Chapter 16

Case Overview

On the surface, this case is very straightforward. Kelly, a 22 year old Canadian working as an Assistant English teacher in Japan, is sick with the flu, misses 2 days of work, and wants to claim these as legitimate sick days as described in her...
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