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Soren chemical
Soren chemical is the industrial chemical company founded i Commercial Pools and Water Parks.
1. Strategic problem statement
Soren chemical’s prediction were more than actions. The target was 50,000 gallons for the first year of sales. But through the first half of the selling season for pool chemicals, Soren had sold just 3 725 gallons or 7 450 units. Considering that pool chemicals season lasts just for 9 months from September to May, Coracle is behind its target by almost 90%.

They were inexperienced in B2C business and did not do well enough promotion company.


2. Tactic problem statement
The tactic problem is Soren Chemical didn’t have enough experience for begin this new business. As a result, they had a lot of mistakes. They have a lot of experience in B2B marketing techniques which engage fewer customers, but B2C technique was new for its business.

3. Identification of issues

Service professionals didn’t know about the actual value of product A study by Soren Chemical showed that Coracle, like Jackson laboratories’ Clearblu, significantly boosted the efficiency of the other pool chemicals by

reducing the need for other chemicals like chlorine, shock treatments and enzymes by about 15%.


Suitable prices of products
The consumers use chemical pool water clarifies less frequently. The main reason is that private pools used by a less number of people. So company should decrease the price of products.


Customers unaware on the value of Coracle
More than 50% of the residential pool owners maintain their pools by themselves. They are unaware of the Coracle product and they go for whatever product the distributor gives them. Also consumers have poor knowledge of clarifier effects.


Wrong launching of product
Soren Chemical launched its product in fall of 2006. Good advertising, new website and a press relies in three trade association journals were targeted only for professionals and...
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