Case 6

Topics: Data mining, Data, Corporation Pages: 4 (1524 words) Published: January 15, 2015
Question 1 :
Why would a customer database be so useful for a company such as forbes or kodak ? what would happen if these companies had not kept their customer data in database ?

 This very useful for company forbes such as in learn details about each if its individual readers by examining forbes`s entire reader population. By this way they can easily understand each individual who interacts with its brand. These details help forbes advertisers target their campaigns more precisely and also help forbes publication increase their circulation. As for kodak company, its help to consulate the data on all of its marketing activities’, including customers target, campaign plans, budgets, lists, and result. Beside that, its help kodak to able to target each type of customer more preciously  with its retail packaging  product description, and advertising placements. It also useful for kodak by easy measure the actual effect of promotional offers, customer segmentations, and messaging across all of its channel.  If the both forbes and kodak company not kept their customer data in database will cause forbes unable to analyze their customer data and very difficulty to find out subsets of the readers population as a way of learning about the entire readership. As for kodak company, they unable to maintain such a huge customers data from direct purchase and registration on kodak kodak's web site and photo sharing site and interaction from social networks so that they unable to target each type of precious customer and can result in cannot measure they actual effect promotional offer.

Question 2 :
List and describe two entities and several of their attributes that might be found in Kodak’s marketing database.      There are two entities found in Kodak’s marketing database which is supplier and part. Oracle customer database and third-party database vendors is the example of supplier who is collect the Kodak’s customer database and transfer it to the Kodak’s as a...
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