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2. Describe the training process. What are the different training and development techniques used by firms? Answer:-
Training: In HRM training usually refers to teaching operational or technical employees how to do the job for which they were hired. Development: Development refers to teaching managers and professionals the skills needed for both present and future jobs. Training process : - Types of management training for employees can fall under a number of primary categories. Well-planned and properly implemented, a management training curriculum helps hone skills, build confidence and create well-rounded managers. Training also helps create, reinforce and maintain your company's culture and mission, which managers may then impart to employees. Even experienced managers new to your organization will benefit from company-specific training, which will aid in developing a unified and uniform management-employee team. Organizational Objectives and Strategies :-

The first step in the training process is an organization in the assessment of its objectives and strategies. What business are we in? At what level of quality do we wish to provide this product or service? Where do we what to be in the future? Its only after answering these and other related questions that the organization must assess the strength and weakness of its human resources. Needs Assessment :-

Needs assessment diagnoses present problems and future challenge to be met through training and development. Needs assessment occurs at two levels i.e. group level and individual level, an individual obviously needs training when his or her performance falls short or standards that is when there is performance deficiency. Inadequate in performance may be due to lack of skills or knowledge or any other problem Training and Development Objectives :-

Once training needs are assessed, training and development goals must be established. Without clearly-set goals, it is not possible to design a training and development programme and after it has been implemented, there will be no way of measuring its effectiveness. Goals must be tangible, verifying and measurable. This is easy where skilled training is involved. Conducting Training Activities :-

Where is the training going to be conducted and how?
     At the job itself.
     On site but not the job for example in a training room in the company.      Off site such as a university, college classroom hotel, etc. Designing training and development program :-
Who are the trainees? Who are the trainers? What methods and techniques? What is the level of training? What are the principles of learning?  Where to conduct the program? Implementation of the training programme :

Program implementation involves actions on the following lines :      Deciding the location and organizing training and other facilities.      Scheduling the training programme.
     Conducting the programme.
     Monitoring the progress of the trainees.
Evaluation of the Results :-
The last stage in the training and development process is the evaluation of the results. Since huge sums of money are spent on training and development, how far the programme has been useful must be judge/determined. Evaluation helps determine the results of the training and development programme. In the practice, however organizations either overlook or lack facilities for evaluation. Flexible Solutions:-

No matter whether you’ve got 200 managers across 10 different countries or if you’ve got 2 managers in 1 company, we’ve got a variety of management training solutions that can help you ranging from on-going management development programmes over 12 months through to online accredited management courses. All of our solutions are flexible and cater for all types of requirements and budgets. Establish Specific Objectives-

After the identification of training needs, the must crucial task is to determine the objectives of training. Hence, the primary purpose of...
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