Case 5.1: Comparing Co- Worker Against Each Other: Dose This Motivate Employees?

Topics: Motivation, Ranking, Non-parametric statistics Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Case 5.1: Comparing Co- Worker against Each Other: Dose this Motivate Employees?

1- What's your opinion regarding forced ranking performance appraisal? Do they motivate employees? Explain By implementing a forced ranking procedure, organizations guarantee that managers will differentiate talent. While conventional performance appraisal systems may allow managers to inflate ratings and award Superior ratings to all, a forced ranking system ensures that distribution requirements will be met. Assuming that the system is wisely constructed and effectively executed, a forced ranking system can provide information that conventional performance appraisal systems can't. In my opinion, forced ranking performance appraisals is an effective way to judge production. I can see why people are against this method, saying that it kills the morale and that it creates a cut throat environment that doesn't involve teamwork. But overall it can motivate a person to work harder and to make sure they aren't in the bottom percentage in the ratio. The system puts employees into different categories: top 20 percent, the middle 70 percent, and the low-performing 10 percent. The managers rank employees against each other and then use the ranking to determine who receives a raise, bonus, promotions, and sometimes who gets fired. Forced ranking allows the top-ranked employees to be rewarded for their hard work.

2- How would equity theory explain some employees negative reactions to forced ranking? Explain The equity theory focuses on employees being treated fairly in a work environment. This theory shows how employees react to the forced ranking method. People fill that the ranking method violates employees' rights. Causing some lawsuits and accusing the employer of discrimination. The equity theory really shows how losing a promotion and/or raise really affects the employee motivation and commitment to the corporation. Employees want to be treated equally and when they're not...
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