Case 4 Magrec, Inc

Topics: Cognitive dissonance, Cognition, Cognitive bias Pages: 3 (1117 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Case 4: MAGREC, Inc.

1.) Place yourself in the role of the manager. What should you do now? After considering what happened, would you change any of your behaviors? If I was Pat: Even though Fred wants me to fire Dinah, I believe that if I was to fire her, Dinah would file a lawsuit for wrongful discharge. My values and morals should not be the deciding factor in determining if Dinah’s actions are grounds for dismal. As such, I would meet with Fred, and explain to him the result of my lunch meeting with Dinah. At this time I would request , and even demand if need be, a meeting with the VP of Human Resources, Fred, Mr. Leed, the head of MAGREC, Inc. and MAGREC’s legal counsel. During this meeting all facts would be disclosed as well as my discussions with Dinah and her issues concerning the matter. I understand why Dinah did what she did. However, my understanding cannot decide how MAGREC should move forward with this situation. My recommendation would be to not fire Dinah but to give her the following options: A.) allow her to remain in her current role, B.) allow her to transfer to a new role and under a different chain of command, or C.) allow her to resign with a suitable severance package. These issues with Partco will more than likely have an impact not just on pricing with our other customers, there is a high likelihood that the trust our customers have in MAGEC to deliver an exceptionally high quality and dependable product will be impacted. The reality is that people talk and soon word will get around within our customer base regarding this issue. Our customers will begin to wonder if they too have purchased or are currently purchasing inferior product. As such, I would also recommend that MAGREC create a Business Practice Officer (BPO) position. Any individual, without threat of retaliation, can bring forth anonymously any issues that they find to be a violation of the companies ethical obligations, whether , the...
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