Case 4

Topics: Jordan, Arab, United Arab Emirates Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: August 7, 2013
Case #4
* From my point of view, I think that the example of Maktoob can be found again in the Arab world especially that we have the resources along with hard working and innovative developers. Investment from the western region also is important for the developers to reach new limits. Maktoob was very successful innovative story of excellence that aimed to bring Arabic used in the internet to new ages and make it available for more users. At that time, the number of the Arabic users was sharply increasing and this was a great chance for Yahoo to show off. Let us do not forget that we have many platforms who are trying to get new ideas from the Arab developers, build on them and offer it in the market. A good example of this is Microsoft Dubai that invests a huge amount of money to encourage students to come up with new ideas. It is definitely possible to grow up a small idea and make it real.

* Arabs have a huge passion along with creative thinking. Actually, most of the new civilization rules are coming from Arab countries. We have the resources, the wonderful thinking employees as well as the ability to come up with even new ideas. It is easy for arab employees to join the global work community as they have all the elements of success. The skills that is required for doing that id team work, positive thinking, ability to solve problems, using previous experience to adopt the problems and the most important skill is Management which is being important not only on the business side, but also on the general life side as well. A problem that we are having here in Arab world is the ability to lead and have the lights on. Well, it is great that you want to be successful, but it will be much better if YOU has been replaced with US.

* Well, a good lesson that could be learned from this case is that small ambitious innovative ideas can grow up with big firms like Yahoo. Arab developers as they have the enough requirements to do so. This is a message to...
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