case 3 Lois quam

Topics: Barack Obama, Health care, Emotion Pages: 3 (807 words) Published: November 11, 2014
Dexter Roberts
Prof. Wright
MAN 314
Homework # Lois Quam Case 3

Case 3 Lois Quam

1. How does Lois Quam use emotions and moods in her speeches to covey her viewpoint? Cite examples to support your statements.

What is emotion and mood? Emotions are a strong set of positive or negative feelings directed towards someone or something. Moods depict positive or negative feelings; moreover, a state of mind. In Lois’s quest for green economy it is quite clear that she is a buoyed, by a positive approach as well as a passionate compulsion of finding solutions to the issues of green economy.

This is inferred several times in her dialogue with her audience. The idea that she left her well buttressed, cushy job at a leading investment firm to assumed the leadership of a newly formed company that deals with global problems of green economy indicates she is not only passionate, but she is driven by positive responses and emotional influences. This can be inferred when she openly states “I am an optimist about our future … which is why I stated Tysvar, the challenges we face from climate change are immense, but so are our capabilities and the rewards and benefits to humanity are even greater in the new green economy”

2. Based on what you have learned about Lois Quam, create hypotheses about the attitudes of her colleagues at Tysvar while using the three basic components of attitudes in your theories. Visionary, professional, informational these three components comprise attitude. Obviously to be a part of Ms. Quam’s team one must be a visionary, as indicated in her bio, Lois left Piper Jaffray to become the founder and CEO of Tysvar LLC in short she took a chance with her vison of stainable new green economy and diversified health care reform and made it all the way to becoming appointed by President Barrak Obama as the executive director with emphasis on women, children, and new born for the entire country. Therefore, the attitudes of her college...
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