case 220

Topics: Management, Employment, Work ethic Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: May 13, 2015
Eva Tacheva
Prof. LaManna
Due 4/1/15
Second Case Study - Case # 220

Yes, Mark can be blamed guilty of micromanaging. Yet, he is doing it not in the completely negative meaning of the word. He is the CEO. He is the one in charge and the ultimately responsible person in the company as far as company growth comes. He is pressed by the BOD because the company needs a boost. Jennifer is just an employee and as such she is supposed to follow boss's orders, achieve high potential while avoid making essential errors in her job. They both need to increase the level of communication. Mark needs to show more leadership skills and Jennifer needs to produce sufficient results. He needs to change his politics and ruling in the company. Micromanaging means that a manager is closely observing or controlling the employees. Mark is definitely doing it by checking most of his subordinates where they are up to and how has their development moved. He needs to make sure everyone is doing their job and increasing the company’s performance. I would definitely recommend him keep doing it but increase his leadership and management skills and implement them in his work with his employees. Mark is a recently assigned CEO of a software-engineering company. A business with rapid development, high competition, high innovation, and a lot of resources needed. As such he is expected to boost the revenue up, decrease the costs, increase consumers loyalty and employees trust and happiness in the company. Something that did not happen for the first 16 months of his mandate. Now being more pressed by the BOD he is trying to find the smallest details that are being an obstacle on his way to make the company work with high efficency. Examples provided in the case indicate that he is actually concerned about the company and that the employees are not completely indulging onto their responsibility. By being a micromanaging person, he actually enhances his detail oriented personality....
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