Case 2

Topics: Patient, Ignorance, Voluntary euthanasia Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: April 16, 2014

This past weekend, I watched a movie called You Don’t Know Jack. I was surprised to hear this was based on a true story, as I have never even heard of Jack Kevorkian. It was a film about a physician who was fighting for the natural right of human beings to be able to choose whether their life was worth living anymore. These patients have been suffering with either a torturous disease or a bed- ridden illness for quite some time now. Jack took it upon himself to be able to provide them with a choice, either to undergo euthanasia or the continuation with their lives as is. This raised the ethical question, is Jack’s act of “murder” justifiable? Now at first, my opinion was somewhat like the little protest girl who had no idea what she was talking about. After watching the film, I firmly am a supporter in euthanasia. To prove that he was doing this because the patients came to him out of their free will, he would record each interview, asking them exactly what their wish is. Every time, the struggle to even ask for such a procedure to be done to them took so much energy out of a patient, showing clearly that they are no longer living a quality life, but more so struggling to keep alive in discomfort and agony. The pleading of the people really opened up my eyes and made me change my decision. I found it rather ignorant of the little protest girl and protesters in general of their held up signs that read, “Health care not death care!” or my favorite, a child in a wheelchair who held a sign that said, “Are you going to kill me too?” These people literally have no idea what the real works of Jack Kevorkian is trying to do. They obviously didn’t know about the amount of people Kevorkian refused to help either. He’s not trying to “rid the world of fault” he’s trying to help those suffering. Ignorance is bliss apparently. I find it uneasy to sit with knowing that even after the tapes, even after the patient’s obvious plea to end their torture, he was...
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