Topics: 1990s, Competition, Strategic management Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Chapter 3
Analyzing of The Problem

1. Describe the strategy and tactics of EBI as of 1990
We think that EBI uses the business unit strategy in 1990s. Business unit strategies is focused with how to create and maintain competitive advantage in each of the industries in which a company has chosen to participate. As we know that the mission of EBI is becoming the premiere source of knowledge. So, EBI do every way to extended it market. We could see from the tactics that EBI use like door to door, talking with individuals and families, persuading them to invest in EBI’s voluminous storehouse of knowledge. These ways successful to make many parents believe that if their children use this book, it will give many advantages. Here, EBI has the competitive advantage with their warm strategy, as we know customer will feel more valuable and being concerned when EBI come to talk directly to customer, asked them what they really needs, and guide them to shop and use EBI products. With this strategy, EBI pushes customer to know what EBI is, and once customer know and believe to the company, they will always choose to using EBI than any other brands. Moreover, EBI always try to make a new thing like entered a new digital age and continue with electronic age.

2. Why was EBI’s business model so successful for more than 200 years? Because EBI has a competitive advantage, so they can maintain well what they have accepted. Thus, EBI always make a new innovation. As we know that, innovation is a keyfactor in determining of company’s competitive advantages, company which can survive is a company that never stop to find a new innovation to their products, once they can do this, forever they can survive in the market competition. What that EBI has done for their innovation? First, EBI hires several notable scientist and scholars. This will make the EBI trustworthy and authoritative like their brand representative. Then EBI try to enter the digital age when it offered an...
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