Case 1 Diversity Training

Topics: Sociology, Program, Diversity training Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: October 13, 2012
1. I do not believe that the representation is a fair indicator of the effects of diversity training programs. I have more of the belief that these programs are to improve relationships among workers and the workers morale. I do think that it is good for a company to be more diversified, but that does not mean that those individuals will be more qualified for the top management positions. For example, if there are more white males who have masters degrees than women or minorities, which might just mean there are more qualified white males for those top management positions.

2. One-shot diversity training programs might be ineffective because, it seems that they don't have any structure or strategy to the training programs. Also when comparing companies that used the diversity training programs compared to organizations that did not use the diversity training programs, there was not a significant difference in the amount of women and minorities in top management. This leads us to believe that one-shot diversity training programs are not effective and essentially are a waste of time and money. There need to be effective training strategies in place in order for any program to succeed.

3. There are a lot of obstacles to overcome to make diversity programs effective. Some of the obstacles are lack of communication, lack of training, lack of buy in from the organization and their employees, lack of proper training, and lack of effective communication. All of these obstacles lead to ineffective diversity training programs. When employees are not being effectively trained and people are not buying into the program it makes it difficult for those diversity programs to be.

4. There are a lot of things you could do to design a better system, but the two that I think most highly of is, making sure that there are strategies in place so there are clear defined goals and how to accomplish those goals. I also think that there needs to be better follow-up systems. The...
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