Case 1

Topics: Statistics, Prediction, Psychometrics Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: February 6, 2012

1. Assess the practical and statistical significance of a proposed set of hiring tools, and recommendations regarding how adopting these new hiring methods might benefit stores. Tanglewood has decided to use the following new approaches to hiring; Retail market Knowledge Exam, Marshfield Customer Service Bio data Questionnaire and Essay, Marshfield Applicant Exam and a Personality Exam. A critical review of each of these has certain strengthens the process. The retail market knowledge exam as developed by in house certainly helps to bring into reality daily issues as peers face and make it practical in assessing anyone interested in joining the field. Bio data exams are questions for significant life experiences that are potentially associated with performance at work. This has been developed using a wide response network in similar job settings. This helps to determine the similarity in skills and performance. Even though it is relatively expensive it certainly helps in predicting future skills and performance. The next is Marshfield Applicant Exam that captures problem solving abilities, fluency with numerical processes, and work comprehension. Its availability for administering an in person and online assessment means that it can be administered to a wider group of candidates. The choice of a personality exam to capture the conscientiousness and extraversion in people to determine people empathy for customer is key. The retail industry needs ascertain personality type and this exam is for the key to define future behaviors. It is important that any set of hiring tools we select helps us to predict future performance and helps us to select good candidates into a business.

2. Make suggestions to Tanglewood regarding which subset of predictors is most likely to improve the effectiveness of selection without creating an administrative burden. Biographical data, reference checks, background checks...
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