Case 1-1: “What They Didn’t Teach in the Sales Class" Case 1-1 What They Didn't Teach Us in the Sales Class

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Case 1-1: “What They Didn’t Teach in the Sales Class"

1. Should Rick Lester “turn in his keys”?

• Rick Lester should not give up that easily and blame his job. No job can be done effortlessly. He should take everything as a challenge and learn from them. In this way, he can maximize his ability in coping up with similar instances that he faces in his job and being able to overcome much easier than he it was before. These will him a better person and a salesperson. He must develop to an optimistic person and try to take the risk for him to achieve his goals.

2. How should Mr. Brown handle this situation? What should he say to Rick?

• As Rick’s mentor, he should help and encourage him. Teach Rick some of the basic things he learned in situations like this, he should not leave him behind. Some empowering statements can boosts a person’s feeling, being positive can help solve a difficult situation like in Rick’s situation. He should give Rick advises rather than telling him to sarcastic and hypocritical answers. Mr. Brown should also empower Rick to use his strengths and not be bothered by his weaknesses like Rick’s perception of a salesperson to be a lower position.

3. How can firms reduce high turnover among new sales personnel?

• Firms should provide better assistance to newly accepted sales personnel that may not encounter shock in performing in the actual field. A number of trainings and screenings should be conducted in order for the firm to get the most suitable person for a job in sales therefore lessens people from quitting their jobs because of wrong expectations and knowledge about it.

4. What can firms do to increase salesperson status?

• A firm must provide rules and regulation and focus on the firms ethics that could help protect their sales personnel. Employee empowerment is also an important factor to consider. This greatly helps sales personnel to maximize their ability in dealing with their work and

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