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Topics: Developmental psychology, Learning, Play Pages: 4 (1239 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Unit 039 Contribute to the Support of Children and
Young People’s Development through Play

Outcome 1
Understand the importance of play for children and young people’s development and well being.

1. Describe how play supports children and young people’s development and well being

When children are given the freedom to play, they are stimulating their brains, this is vital in order for their brains to grow. They will learn to use their imagination to make up new games or pretend/ recreate things their parents do at home, for example cooking and cleaning. Play allows children to explore and learn about their environment and the world around them, this helping with their Cognitive Development. Giving a child the chance to play helps their Physical development, fine and gross motor skills, for example a child that plays ball will learn how to kick an run. As children play together they are interacting with one another and learning how to socialise and make friends this building up their social and emotional development. Children that play together learn how to communicate with one another through speech, helping their language development. Children that are deprived of play, stimulation and exercise are more likely to have delayed development.

2. Explain the difference between adult directed play and child initiated play

Adult directed means that an adult structures and directs the play for the child so they don’t have to think about what to do. For example, the adult may says Lets play catch, you stand here and hold out your hands and I will throw you the ball to you. Then the adult throws the ball and the child catches it. This kind of play is fun for the child and he/she learns how to catch better, but it does not stimulate creativity. An example of child initiated play is, the child says to the adult or another child, Let’s play catch, if you stand there then I will throw the ball to you and you throw it back to me. The adult catches the...
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