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Topics: Treaty of Versailles, Woodrow Wilson, World War I Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Cartoon Interpretation.
1. The person in the cartoon is, Woodrow Wilson (president of America.) 2. The name of the bubble is, League of Nations.
3. The bubble shows that Woodrow Wilson was an idealistic person, but like most bubble, it will probably burst. 4. The cartoon is critical. This is because he is an idealistic person, and he wants to have peace amongst the nations, but in reality the bubble will burst and this will not be the case.

1. The country represented by the horse is Germany.
2. The countries represented by Briand and Lloyd-George are Britain and France. 3. The part of the Treaty of Versailles the cartoon is commenting on is the settlement. The large load represents the settlement the country had decided for Germany. The horse being lifted up represents Germanys inability to move as there are too many re-payments on there shoulders. 4. The comment the cartoon is making about the aspect of the treaty is that Germany should be carrying less of a burden in order for them to pay back the settlement. The man with the whip is France. France wanted Germany to pay back for all the French land and lives destroyed. The man with the shovel is British He doesn’t want the Germans to be treated as harsh as the French wanted.

1. The ‘Tiger’ is Clemenceay of France.
2. The two other figures in the cartoon are, Woodrow Wilson and Lloyd George. 3. The child has just seen the peace treaty.
4. The child represents Germany.
5. The title of the cartoon was ‘Peace and Future Cannon Fodder.’ It became one of the most prophetic cartoons because it was given this name and was believed that all the Treaty of Versailles did was set up the future generations of the world to be nothing more than “Cannon Fodder” (solders treated as expendable in battle.) It also tells us that there is peace now but will be war in the future. The person who drew the cartoon does not agree with the terms set on the Treaty of Versailles as he predicts that the present peace...
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