Cartoon Effects on Kids

Topics: Violence, Hanna-Barbera, The Flintstones Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: October 17, 2012
James Willis“Cartoons Effects on Kids”Steven Kirsh. 28 Nov. 2005. Pg.2 “Cartoon Violence and Aggression in Youth”Have you ever walked into a room and found your child watching any of the following television shows; Family Guy, South Park, or American Dad? Chances are you have, however, by glancing you might believe that these are simply another show designed to keep children quiet and entertained. What you might not realize is the effect that some of today’s cartoons are having on our youth. Beginning in the early 1950’s violence-laden cartoons such as Popeye the Sailor and The Flintstones emerged (Kirsh, 2006). The popularity of these types of cartoons set the pattern for many more violent yet comical television shows aimed at youth around the world. For example, Family Guy, which may be scripted for older audiences but is shown on Cartoon Network, often depicts sexual and violent behavior which they might not comprehend but are able to reenact. Cartoon violence meant for youthful audiences tend to involve minor acts of violence and often sanitize the outcome of violence in that it is unusual to see victims suffer in a life-like manner (Kirsh, 2006). These types of dramatizations effect the way youth interact with each other as well as shape the outlook they may have on real life situations. AS parents, and adults it is our jobs to monitor what our children view, not only in reality but also on television. Often the main goal of an over-worked or mentally drained parentis to sit the child down and keep them quiet but parents must play a larger role in what our youth are visualizing on a daily bases. Violence in cartoons is not only unsafe but also has physical, emotional, and mental negative effects on youth that may last a lifetime.
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