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Carter Cleaning Commpany

By jrock0304 Feb 13, 2012 369 Words
Carter Cleaning Company
Case study #2

Question 1-5

1. It is not true as Jack Carter stated “we cant be accused of discriminatory because we hire mostly woman and minorities” regardless who you hire, or the owners ethnic background, anyone who violates equal employment can definitely be accused of discrimination. If there is valid evident of this then EEO may take action in such case. 2.

Jennifer and Carter Cleaning should immediately address the situation and allegations. Start an investigation to see whether such violations really occurred. Address the situation with care to also protect the privacy of everyone involved and to avoid disruption in the work place. Advise victim to inform harasser directly that conduct is unwelcomed. Issue a strong policy ensure all employees know the severity and guidelines with sexual harassment and harassment and what is expected and what is not tolerated in the workplace. Inform all employees of their rights under the policy, this is critical for the human resource to take steps to prevent such workplace misconduct. And having updates often.

3. In regards to the age discrimination claim, should also be addressed whether the claim is valid and if indeed he has been discriminated due to his age. Jennifer should start a full investigation; also make sure filing for such claims is within the time frame specific to the eeoc. Equal pay act of 1963 states difference in pay do not violate the act if the difference is based on a seniority system a merit system or a differential base on any factor other than sex. 4. Per the eeoc, EEOC laws cover most employers with at least 15 employees. (20 employees in age discrimination cases). Most labor unions and employment agencies are also covered. So with that said being that as a company in whole they have at least 15 employees, so yes they would be covered. 5. First and foremost managers need to be trained properly to understand what can be ask during interviews, how to handle the workplace conduct, ensuring each employee knows their rights under such policy’s the company hold. Each manager should know how to handle complaints. Establish an equal employment opportunity policy.

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