Carry a Nation

Topics: Temperance movement, Kansas, Prohibition in the United States Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: June 9, 2010
Carry A Nation speech.

Carrie Amelia Moore was born on November 25, 1846 in Garrard County. And during her youth she was sick most of the time. Carrie grew up with many siblings and spent a lot of time with the family’s slaves. All her life she was comfortable with people of various races nCarrie’s father moved the family to High Grove Farm near Belton in Cass County, Missouri. Rather than finding peace, Carrie’s family found people divided over political issues. In 1862 the Moores moved again, this time to Texas. While her husband practiced law, Carrie Nation managed a hotel in Columbia and then bought and ran one in Richmond, Texas, for ten years. She was a deeply religious person and started having visions and dreams during this period. In 1889 Nation’s husband became a preacher, and they moved to Medicine Lodge, Kansas. Here she began a career of charity and religious work and became known as “Mother Nation.” She took a deep interest in helping unfortunate people, especially women and children, and became known for her generosity.

Nation organized a chapter of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. WCTU had helped pass a Kansas law against selling alcohol. In Missouri, each county could decide to be wet or dry. She also wanted to keep prisoners in jail and beleved that booze had caused the troubles of the inmates. Illegal bars and men's clubs in Kansas still served liquor. Nation and another member of the WCTU decided to get rid of the bars by standing outside them, praying loudly and singing hymns. Soon, the bars in Medicine Lodge were closed. In 1900 Nation believed that God told her to go to Kiowa, Kansas, and close the bars there. Rather than use hymns and prayer, however, Nation threw bricks. She continued her destructive tactics in Wichita, Kansas. In Topeka in 1901, someone handed her a hatchet The Kansas WCTU presented her with a gold medallion inscribed, “To the Bravest Woman in Kansas.” The crowds of followers grew, but her marriage fell...
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