Carrie Wilson - Nurse Manager

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HITT 2339
05/05/13 – Carrie Wilson

Chapter 9 Activity

It is very clear, judging by Carrie’s final statement about decision-making responsibility, that she considers her role to be an autocratic authoritarian. She shows herself to be full of hubris and an inflexibility that is probably not best to flaunt before your direct superior. Carrie even admits that she is well aware of the concepts of participative management and having your staff be involved in making decisions, but she categorically discounts them in the same breath. Apparently, she views these methods as avoiding responsibility, but has obviously missed the entire “spirit” of the principles. From the beginning, Carrie has taken a direct opposite approach from the former supervisor, and maintained a constant presence in the department. This persistent hovering is the exact opposite of what the employees are used to and has served to put them at odds with any changes Carrie would try to enact. Combined with the fact that Carrie has tackled so many deficient areas at once, the employees are immediately put on the defensive. The work environment has got to be riddled with tension and strife, especially as Carrie is a constant presence and reminder of every rule, regulation, and measure that she is determined to put into action. I’m not sure how Carrie can make a come-back from her deplorable beginning in the emergency department. If she can’t bring herself to repeal any of her renewed policies, then I would say that there is no chance of reconciliation. She will have to find a middle ground that both she and the employees can live with. That will involve taking input from them and actually putting it to use. If she continues to refuse to allow the employees to be involved in the decision-making process, then nothing will change. Tension will remain and her staff will continue resenting her. At this point, it would even seem that she will need to make some sort of peace offering. She...
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