Carrie Chapmann Catt Hall

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Iowa State University was founded in 1858. Its campus started off having a generic, yet innovative layout; it had "an open central campus with a road encircling the buildings" (Zanish). Throughout the years, the layout of the campus changed drastically due to the additions of new buildings and destructions of old. Some buildings that still exist to this day on campus are: the Hub, Morrill Hall, Sloss House, and the Campanile. The changes to the layout of the campus were originally decided by the Heads of Architectural Engineering and Landscape Architecture with recommendations from O.C. Simonds and the Olmstead Brothers. However, in the 1960's, a University Architect was appointed and given the responsibility. Every building and piece of artwork on campus serves a purpose or has historical value to the University. For instance, Carrie Chapman Catt Hall has an intriguing history that dates back to when it was first built in 1892, and has a meaningful design with unique and historical aspects.

In 1892, when the building was constructed, it was first called Agricultural Hall. It was a four-story tall building and was home to the Horticulture Department. "Horticulture is the science and art of producing and utilizing food crops, turfgrass, nursery crops, and greenhouse grown ornamental crops" (Iowa State University of Science and Technology). The ground floor of the building was constructed to allow the delivery of horticultural supplies into the building, through the means of a passage-way directly through the middle of the building. The building also laid claim to the Chemistry and Agricultural Departments as well. In 1903, an addition to the building was made on the north-side. In 1928, the Botany Department moved in and the building was renamed Botany Hall. In 1968, the Botany Department relocated to another building and the Psychology Department took its place; the name of the building, however, did not change this time.

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