Carrie Chapman Catt Women's Suffrage

Topics: Women's suffrage, Susan B. Anthony, Democracy Pages: 7 (1707 words) Published: March 20, 2017

Do you like having a voice? Do you like feeling empowered? Well, if it weren’t for Carrie Chapman Catt in the 1900’s, half of our population still wouldn’t have that luxury.
In early 20th century America, many people did not even think of women voting as an option for themselves or the people around them. Many were misinformed about the topic of women’s suffrage, until people like Carrie Chapman Catt worked with organizations, such as the National American Woman’s Suffrage Association (NAWSA), to educate and motivate the masses. Catt gave commanding speeches, provided much-needed enthusiasm, and was an excellent organizer, making her years working with and leading the NAWSA a huge success. Her leadership disrupted the style and strategy...

Catt agreed with the idea of Social Darwinism. She believed that the only way for America to advance from a barbaric society to civilized society would be through granting suffrage for women (Amidon 307). Instead of staying behind all other civilized and advanced cultures, she believed they instead should push ahead when it comes to democracy through woman’s suffrage. Americans came to America with the idea of democracy in their hearts and should not let other countries pass them by in their quest for a democratic society because they will not give women their right to vote (Catt 6). Also, she believed that there is human diversity for a reason. Catt fiercely argued that the evolution of different sexes supported more rights and roles for women (Amidon 308). This idea shows that women were created for a reason right along side men. God created women to be in equal relationship with men and that started with letting women have a say and not be completely pushed aside. These ideals show through very prominently throughout her work, as she attempts to shine light on the necessity of women having a voice for the sake of equality and the prosperity of American...

Catt got donations which saved her movement and allowed her to make the issue of woman’s suffrage known to everyone. She bought the Woman’s Journal in 1916 and renamed it Women’s Citizen in 1917, and placed Rose Young in charge of publicity for the movement, making sure everyone knew (Fowler and Jones 138). Everything was organized so that all women could learn about what they were missing and should be given, and so that the men could learn how important woman’s suffrage was, not only for women but for their government. In addition to publishing a newspaper, Catt established suffrage schools which taught the history of suffrage, debated issues of the time, and created successful participation in the movement (Fowler and Jones 137). She also organized and supported conventions as a method of expansion. She even spoke at the annual NAWSA convention in 1890, which united the American Woman Suffrage Association and National Woman Suffrage Association (Fowler and Jones 132). Because of the many attempts at publicity and expansion, women and men had many different ways to get involved and be informed. Catt was very persistent in getting the message of the necessity of women’s suffrage out to the...
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