Carrer Plan

Topics: Natural environment, Environment, Future Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Assignment 1: Career Plan
Võ Thị Xuân Quyên


Although I’m not sure what job I will have, I do know that it will be an environmental official in a Non-Government Organizations (NGO) in the next 5 years. This job would combine my love of environment with the challenge of solving some pollution problems in my countryside. Plus, I love to work for the good of community. First of all, this plan begins with my accidental participation in Viet Nam organization to become a volunteer one year ago. By an introduction from my older sister, I found out some information about a recruitment of in June, 2011 and got the chance to join this organizations then.Working in an environmental volunteer group like this helps me to communicate with many inhabitants, the poor inhabitant. They’re living in too low conditions to get the basic knowledge about their surrounding environment. The poors still have to get their own rights to live in the standard conditions but they can’t show their voice now. If you can get in touch with community, you will see many troubles which need your helps. This process speeded my mind and heart to make a change. Furthermore, Ms.Hong, who is VietNam coordinator, has inspired me too much with the passion of thinking and acting for our environment. I finally found that my target in life is working, working and working for community. Secondly, I’ve indentified strongly my way to become an petitioner at least in the next 5 years. Climate change will continue the main thing that I want to concerntrate to find out more and more helpful solutions for most of environment problems. Some researchs and surveys will help me to get the exact need of people to protect their stable life in the future. I’ll become the link from people and government to help VietNam improve our societal matters. My group will make a lot of campaigns to raise awareness for community about the environment where...
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