Carrefour's Failure

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Critique 1: Group work Initial Presentation

Company chosen: CARREFOUR’s Failure in Japan

The presentation begins with telling the viewers what her team will be discussing throughout the presentation in the order as per heading suggest (Carrefour- The world’s second largest food retailer with 10000plus stores worldwide and opens in Japan in 2000). This gives a sense of scale, time and highlights the sheer size of the company. This is done briefly but is essential as it then proceed straight into the situation, the company’s failure in Japan. This serves as an anchor for the rest of the topic (Weeks, 2005).

The team has identified failure of the company to expand in Japan effectively. This is followed by the Entry Strategy which led to its failure in clear, simple keywords, visually colourful and diagrammatically communicated to the audience. Note that there was no long table or confusing data that maybe too confusing, given the short time frame (8min) and its presentation purpose.

The rationale of the failure were sufficient as it has identified and communicated the reasoning quiet effectively (Failure to succeed in Japan due failure to understand Japanese market , inadequate research done on customer behaviour as they were following their generic Asian model, Japan is different). We were given an overview of the failed entry strategy and explanation of why it has failed. This however, can be stronger with the use of quotations from upper management such as the CEO, Joise Luis Duran said “Let’s be honest, Japan was a short and expensive adventure for us,” taken from extract of the BBC website (BBC News, 2005).

The team gave a strong argument assisted by factual information in that Carrefour sold its eight hypermarkets and decided to join forces with Aeon with limited commercial activities.

The use of lecture notes “Overview of Major Analytical Frameworks” serves as a guide that includes Porters Diamond and the SWOT analysis (IBUS 5001 Lecture...

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