Carpe Diem

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Carpe Diem
We live day to day working, paying bills, and not noticing what is truly out there in the world. We get caught up in drama with co-workers, friends, family and random people that we meet in our day to day activities. We stress over little things that shouldn’’t even be stressed over, because what’’s going to change from the time you’’re stressing from the next day to the next? The problem won’’t go away or get better or worse either way. So why stress? Life is too short to not enjoy what the world has to offer. Carpe Diem is a Latin phrase meaning ““Seize the Day””. It can mean many different things to different people. Carpe diem really just means living life to the fullest because tomorrow may never come.

Carpe Diem in Latin means seize the day but when you look at that what does it mean to you? To me it means living your life to the fullest. You need to enjoy every aspect of life as much as possible because when you really look at things in the big picture we are not on this planet very long. So it really isn’’t a phrase that means something, but it is a way of life. When you look at it you should ask yourself this question. If my life was a book, how interesting would it be and would anyone want to read it.

When living life to the fullest a major aspect would have to be your family. How can you say you have no regrets if you are not in order with your family? Your family should be your life and you should enjoy everything you do with them. You should also strive to make sure they feel the same way about you. Making sure you’’re not too busy to enjoy your family and doing things with them will make you feel more fulfilled in life. You and your family’’s happiness will always be one of the biggest aspects when it comes to living your life to the fullest.

Working is a big part of life because you spend the majority of your day doing it. You should work at a career that you enjoy not work just to pay bills. Working at a job that you...
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