Carolina Creed

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UNIV 101
July 30, 2013
The Carolinian Creed; What it Means to Me
“The Carolinian Creed” explains the moral values intended for attending The University Of South Carolina. When making a choice of whether or not to become part of this community; you are promising to give good qualities toward the school and promising to work as a maximum level of your education. When joining the community this creed gives individuals a right to a controlled behavior or manner. As a student of The University Of South Carolina one self is making a commitment to practice to be the best role model to others and stand up for what is right. Also committing that all work done by one self results from there own efforts. As being apart of this group one self has to respect the seriousness that each student has throughout their career and choices. To abide by “The Carolinian Creed” one self will try there best to listen to anyone’s ideas or beliefs that may not pertain to there own; this means no hatred toward anyone. While attending The University Of South Carolina one self will show the care and support of other students through their work and progress no matter what circumstance. Devotion to all the standards of “The Carolinian Creed’ each student is to obey all rules of honesty. This creed helps you to have a better attitude and respect the university community. “The Carolinian Creed” is like a document abiding the rules of others and yourself so that your opportunity to attend The University Of South Carolina is not taken from anyone.
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