Carnival Cruise Line

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Carnival Cruise Lines
Carnival Cruise Lines takes pride in being the "World's Most Popular Cruise Line".  Growing from one converted ocean liner in 1972 to a fleet of 22 modern cruise ships today, the line has been an outstanding success.  Indeed, without it there would have been no Carnival Corporation, the largest firm in the cruise business and parent company of Holland America, Curnard, Princess, P&O and several other major lines. Passengers tend to be mostly Americans of diverse middle class backgrounds.  A significant number of the ships spend part of the year home-ported away from the traditional cruise ports of Florida and those ships tend to attract people from those communities.  Also, the type of passenger varies with the length of the cruise. Short cruises tend to attract younger passengers while longer cruises attract older passengers. The basic strategy underlying Carnival Cruise Lines success was to provide guests with a fun vacation. In many ways, that still remains the line's philosophy.  It is a light hearted experience. At the same time, Carnival maintains a high standard.  It is not five-star luxury (with the exception of the specialty restaurants which are on a level with the best at sea) but it is a good quality product.  Moreover, while there may be a ten foot statue of Frankenstein in the disco, there is also an elegant New York supper club on the same ship. Fun comes in many varieties. History

Carnival Cruise Lines is the most successful cruise line in the world, carrying more passengers than any other.  But the Carnival of today is a vastly different company than the one started from humble beginnings more than three decades ago.  Carnival was launched with a converted transatlantic ocean liner and a dream of entrepreneur Ted Arison, a pioneer in the modern-day cruise industry who set out to realize his vision of making a vacation experience once reserved for the very rich accessible to the average person. The rest, as they say, is history. THROUGH THE YEARS…

1972Maiden voyage of Carnival’s first ship, the TSS Mardi Gras, which runs aground on sandbar outside the Port of Miami 1975Carnival purchases Empress of Britain, enters service as the TSS Carnivale 1978The Festivale, formerly the S.A. Vaal, undergoes $30 million refurbishment, begins service for Carnival as the largest and fastest vessel sailing from Miami to the Caribbean 1982Debut of the Tropicale, the first new cruise ship the cruise industry has seen in many years; ship marks the beginning of an industry-wide multi-billion-dollar shipbuilding boom 1984Carnival becomes first cruise line to advertise on network T.V. with the premiere of new advertising campaign starring company spokesperson Kathie Lee Gifford (then Johnson) 1985Debut of 46,052-ton Holiday

1986Launch of 47,262-ton Jubilee
1987The 47,262-ton Celebration enters service. Carnival earns distinction as “Most Popular Cruise Line in the World,” carrying more passengers than any other Carnival Cruise Lines undertakes its initial public offering on Wall Street, raising approximately $400 million to fuel future expansion; entity later becomes Carnival Corporation & plc, a multi-line worldwide cruise conglomerate 1990The 70,367-ton Carnival Fantasy – the first and namesake vessel in the highly successful “Fantasy-class” — enters service as first new ship ever placed on three- and four-day Bahamas cruise program from Miami.  Eventually, Carnival would construct eight “Fantasy-class” vessels, the most cruise ships in a single class. 1991Launch of 70,367-ton Carnival Ecstasy

1993Carnival introduces its third 70,367-ton SuperLiner, Carnival Sensation 1994Debut of 70,367-ton Carnival Fascination. Carnival’s parent company renamed Carnival Corporation to distinguish between it and its flagship brand, Carnival Cruise Lines. Company is later renamed Carnival Corp....
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