Carnival Cruise Case Study

Topics: Cruise line, Cruise ship, Revenue Pages: 7 (2063 words) Published: July 11, 2012
Vision Statement:
It is our vision to continue to be the world's #1 vacation provider at land and at sea. Mission Statement (Current):
Our missions is to deliver exceptional vacation experiences through the world's best-known cruise brands that cater to a variety of different lifestyles and budgets, all at an outstanding value unrivaled on land or at sea. Mission Statement (Proposed):

It is the mission of Carnival cruised to provide our customers with the best vacation experience on both land and at the sea.(1,2,3,6,7) We provide the best travel experiences that cater to a variety of different lifestyles and budgets which provide unrivaled value for our customers.(1,2,3,6,7) We continue to be innovators and use the latest technologies to provide our guests with the best experience possible.(1,2,4) We care for our employees just like our employees care for your needs.(9) We are concerned with being an environmentally responsible company that maintains the highest of green standards.(8) Our careful attention to detail ensures our survival and helps us to remain profitable and continued to grow for our investors.(5) 1.Customer

2.Products or services
5.Concern for survival, profitability, growth
8.Concern for public image
9.Concern for employees
Problem Statement:
The company is currently is a good spot financially and they just need to decide on which strategy that they wish to pursue. They need a strategy that will allow them to keep their competitive advantage against Royal Caribbean. Symptoms:

They have an increase in net income, retained earnings, and total shareholder equity. •They are currently in an industry that is projected to grow by over 40%. •Royal Caribbean has a constant growth rate and they need to maintain a competitive advantage so that they don't lose some of their market share to them. Opportunities

Economics Opportunities:
It can take advantage of the economic downturn by providing a cheap vacation opportunity. •The growth of international economies can provide a new set of customers that have the disposable income necessary to spend on luxuries such as a cruise. •Between 2000 and 2005 the cruise industry grew by 7.8% in North America and 10% in Western Europe. There was approximately 15.7 million passenger in 2006. This increase in the industry provides them with opportunity to capture more of the market by expanding their fleet. •There is great growth potential in the industry in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South America. •The number of cruise guest is projected to increase by 40% from 1.07 million in 2005 to 1.5 million by 2010. Social, Cultural, Demographic, and Environmental Opportunities •The cruise industry appeals to a broad range of demographic groups. •The average age of the average cruise passenger has been falling from 56 to 44. There is a growing amount of generation X that is reaching this age group and this is an opportunity for them to take advantage. •There are a lot of baby boomers reaching the retirement age which can result in more people having free time to spend on luxury activities such as a cruise. •They have moved toward marketing strongly to first-time (2% of vacationers) and repeat (8% of vacationers) who are entering the target market age bracket. By 2005 there will be 30% growth in this age range and 92% of the market is untapped. Political, governmental and legal Opportunities

They should make deals with foreign governments that will give them breaks on various fees in order to increase tourism to their country. •Increased cooperation between Carnival and other countries give them the opportunity to expand their operation into new markets. Technological Opportunities

They take advantage of the latest technology to improve the efficiency of their ships which decreases the expenses that they have to pay for running them. •They can take advantage of economies of...
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