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“Carmen”, as one of the most famous operas in the world, has been performed many times in many different troupes. This 4-act opera represents the highest achievement of the 19th century French opera-comique. After Bizet died, “Carmen” finally became the classical performance canonized by the professionals and music fans. George Bizet (1838 – 1875) was a French composer and Pianist of Romantic era, whose the most prominent work being “Carmen”. In his young age he went to the Paris Conservatory of Music to learn music. His most famous composition, “Carmen” written in 1875 the same year before he died. It was performed again after Bizet died, and achieved one of the best operas and the mostly performed opera in the opera history. Carmen is one of the most prominent opera heroines. The character is a personification of passionate temperament, female invincibility, and independence. The interpretation of Bizet's Carmen features of tragic grandeur, her right to freedom of love she proves with her death. “Carmen”, opens with a prelude in ternary form (ABACA). The first characteristic of Carmen is given in the overture with the same melody as in the prelude, where there is the main idee fixe of the opera - the theme of "fatal passion." Sharply contrasting the entire previous music, this theme is perceived as a symbol of fateful predestination of love of Carmen and Don Jose. It is distinguished by the exigencies of increased tempo and with the lack of cadenza. The idee fixe of "fatal passion" subsequently appears in the most important moments of the drama: the scene with flower, in a duet of Carmen and Don José in Act II, before the "prediction of cards" and in the finale of the opera. The same theme is accompanied in the first appearance of Carmen in the opera, employing, however, quite a different tone: brisk pace, dance elements give her the temperamental character, fiery, dramatic, which march the appearance of the heroine. First solo by Carmen Habanera - a...
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