Carlson's When Those Tattoos Really Get Under the Skin: A Summary and Reaction

Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: October 8, 2010
“When Those Tattoos Really Get Under the Skin” by Peter Carlson A Summary and a Reaction
Part 1: Summary
According to author, Peter Carlson, in “When Those Tattoos Really Get under the Skin”, Ross Van Antwerp was the doctor who founded the laser center of Maryland to help people to get tattoos removed. It is an endless cycle to get a tattoo put on and removed. And there is always a story behind every tattoo. Melissa Morrissette was one of the clients of Van Antwerp. Her story was to get a job from an Annapolis company that doesn’t permit visible tattoos. Tattoo removal was not only a great growth industry but also quite profitable. According to a 2004 Harris Interactive poll, 16 percent of American adults had at least one tattoo, and 17 percent of American who had tattoos regretted getting them. Over 16 years, Van Antwerp had erased thousands of tattoos and heard thousands of tattoos stories. Zapping tattoos can be a good business. Prices vary depending on size and color. Erasing a 2-by-2 inch tattoo, that’s $1000 to $2000, which was roughly 10 times what the same tattoo cost to put on. His clients had women and men, but three out of four of them were women. Anyway, according to the author,”So many tattoos, so many stories.” It always has a story while a tattoo is getting to be removed. Somebody made a mistake and now wants to erase it. It is an endless cycle.

Part 2: Reaction
As Van Antwerp says, “My patients often comment on how much it costs to remove compared to how much it cost to put on.” He funnily answered, “If you take the cost of obtaining a tattoo compared to the cost of removing it, it’s almost exactly the same ration as the cost of a marriage license compared to the cost of a divorce.” So he told them to think real hard before you get a tattoo or get married. About this point, I very agree with it. We all are an adult. We must think it over before we make a decision to do something, or you have to take all responsibility. I am very sure...
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