Carlsberg's Strategic Analysis

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Internal and External Analysis of Carlsberg Group
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Date 13.01.2012
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Table of Contents
1Executive Summary5
2Introductory Chapter6
2.2Research question6
2.2.1Sub questions6
2.5.1Theories and models used in the project8
2.5.2Data collection9
2.5.3Structure of report10
2.5.4Criticism of sources10
3Internal Analysis11
3.1Company Introduction11
3.2Carlsberg’s Vision and Objectives11
3.3Organizational Structure12
3.3.1New Organization structure13
3.3.2The Supervisory and the Executive Board13
3.4Value Chain15
3.4.1Primary activities15
3.4.2Support activities16
3.5Financial analysis18
3.6BCG matrix21
4External Analysis23
4.1Porter’s 5 Forces23
4.1.1Competitive rivalry23
4.1.2Bargaining Power of Suppliers24
4.1.3Bargaining Power of Buyers24
4.1.4Threats of substitute products25
4.1.5Threat of new entrant25
4.2Competitor analysis26
4.2.1Carlsberg’s value to customers30
4.3Buying behavior analysis30
4.4The Seven O’s32
4.5PEST Analysis39
4.5.1Political and legal factor39
4.5.2Economic factors39
4.5.3Sociocultural forces40
4.5.4Technological factors41
4.6SWOT Analysis41
Internet Sources/ Websites45
Appendix 148
Appendix 251
Appendix 353
Appendix 455

Executive Summary

This project work provides internal and external analysis of Carlsberg Brewery, as well as presentation of the newly launched Copenhagen beer. We have used tools for both, internal and external analysis putting more emphasize on the external section in order to answer our research question handling about the decrease of the beer consumption and the strategic actions the company undertakes to regain the consumers popularity. The project covers PEST, Porter’s 5 Forces, Financial analysis, BCG Matrix analysis and other tools and models which have successfully given answer to our sub questions, regarding the current market situation in the brewery industry, analyzing the buyer behavior and so forth. The SWOT /TOWs analysis has also been performed giving rather an interesting view of the company’s competitive qualities and the contrary. By this research we found out the cause of the downturn is rather a change in lifestyle as a primary cause and secondly the economic crisis, which has brought about abrupt increase in prices of not only wheat based beverages but the market in general. In the appendix section the annual report of the brewery can be found, where the financial accountings of the year 2006-2010 are illustrated to get a clearer image of Carlsberg Group’s financial progress or regress.

Introductory Chapter

Since Carlsberg was initially produced in its Pilsner form in 1847, numerous changes have occurred in the company’s values, quality and certainly the variety of the beverages has increased dramatically. Carlsberg is in constant process of development, be it new, innovative products aiming upon diverse age groups or conquering a new market around the globe, while attempting to create unique products for each country and culture....

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