Carlsbadd Decreess

Topics: Congress of Vienna, Holy Roman Empire, Germany Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Essay question: Trace the unification movement within the German confederation up until 1834. What were the main obstacles to overcome?

German unification, from 1815-1834 faced many obstacles, obstacles that would have to be overcome if the unification movement within Germany were to be successful. From the very beginning there were many forces acting against the unification movement, states like Austria were very much against the unification. The people in Austria were reactionaries; they believed that they had a better quality of life in the pre-Napoleonic times. Other forces that acted against the unification movement were the congress of Vienna, a collection of the 39 biggest and most influential states in Germany, (with Austria as the most important and influential component.) And finally the Carlsbad decrees, a set of reactionary restrictions put in place by the German confederation to prevent ‘liberal’ thinking.

Prince Metternich was the chancellor of Austria; he was the most influential man during the time of the German unification. Prince Metternich was the chancellor of Austria between 1807 and 1848, during his time as chancellor of Austria, he tried in many ways to stop liberalism and nationalism and bring back the old anarchy.

The congress of Vienna ran from 1814-1815; it consisted of Austria, Prussia, the UK, Russia and France, and was chaired by Prince Mettenich, the main purpose of the congress of Vienna was to restoration the reactionary German rulers (the kings and queens.) It was noted that the congress was very anti-liberalism. After the Holy Roman Empire collapsed, Germany had split off into over 300 different states; Metternich with the help of the congress of Vienna, gathered up 39 states from central Europe to form the German confederation. The main two states in the German confederation were Austria and Prussia, but Austria and Metternich still held the upper hand. Prince Mettenich was put at the head of the German confederation....
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