Carlos Ghosn and the Nissan Era

Topics: Management, Cross-cultural communication, Carlos Ghosn Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: September 18, 2012
Place yourself in the position of an external consultant who has researched the case. Write a proposal of no more than 1000 words outlining what you consider to be the key cultural management issues covered in your case study. Your proposal the cover the following:

* • A summary outlining your understanding of the case study * • Analysis using theories covered in lectures, tutorials, readings, the textbook and * other relevant information including key data from the case study * • Key learning’s that should be adopted by another organization embarking on a * similar venture


Carlos Ghosn is an accomplished businessman whom in 1990 was entrusted by Renault with overseeing the restructuring of Nissan following their strategic tie-in. Thrust into high-level management positions at an early age, Ghosn already had first hand experience in cross-cultural management prior to being assigned the Chief Operating Officer role at Nissan. Part of his success at Nissan was attributable to his ability to effectively carry his experiences and skills over to Japan and utilize them effectively to pioneer progressive, previously-unimplemented management methods of practice which would ultimately see Nissan restore it’s former glory as a profitable well-respected company.

After being tasked with overseeing the internal activities and operations as COO at Nissan, Ghosn set out to define and prioritize key problems to address. By regularly visiting and exchanging opinions with workers, line managers and plant operators, Ghosn would begin to understand larger company problems by identifying issues at the base. This would later evolve into the development of Cross-Functional teams; wherein teams comprised of representatives from different fields came together to bring different perspectives on how to cut costs and improve efficiency of operations.

Ghosn’s HR oriented style of problem solving and leadership proved a success in cutting costs and...
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