Carlisle Riots

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Chapter 7 Vocab Notes
Carlisle riots
A) 1787, Carlisle Pennsylvania: Group of federalist = supporters of the proposed constitution.
b) The federalists wanted to celebrate but 2 effigies were burned down by the anti federalists. Arrested but then freed by anti federalist militia.

Self sacrificing republicanism (adamsian)
A) At time there were 3 definitions of republicanism is the united states.
B) unless a republics citizens were willing to sacrifice own interests, the government would collapse. Rank was based on merit = equality

Economic republicanism (Hamiltonian)
A) It emphasized the individuals pursuit of rational self-interest and drew a more economic theory than political thought
b) Pursuit of private interest was the only way a nation could benefit from economic expansion.

Democratic republicanism (painean)
A) Less influential and more egalitarian. Thomas Paine's theory.
B) Thomas Paine wanted more men to participate in the political process. Democrats = untutored wisdom of the people embodied in republican virtue.

Life of Washington
A) Most popular book of the time, written by mason Locke in 1800
B) Book published after George Washington's death and was intended to hold up his great virtues. Creation of cutting down the cherry tree,.

Gilbert Stuart, Charles Wilson Reale, John Thumbull
A) Most famous artists of the time period.
B)Painted portraits of republicans and scenes of the American revolution. Intention was to instill patriotic sentiments in their viewers.

Society of Cincinnati
A) Heredity association for the revolutionary war officers and their first born male descendants in 1783
B) Organizers hoped to advance the notion of the citizen. Opponents feared it would become a native born aristocracy. Questioned US's self image and virtuous republic

Public elementary schools
A) Concerns for the education of the rising generation. To become useful citizens they would need a good education. 1780s-1790s 2 changes occurred.
B) Northern states taxed money to support public schools. Massachusetts one of first free public schooling systems and schooling for girls improved.

Judith sergeant Murray
A) Main theorists of early women's education in the early republic. Argued women had equal intellectual capabilities.
B) She challenged traditional belief. Men and women both realized women played a key role in the battle for American independence.

Abigail Adams
A) Expressed ideas on the role of women in letters to her husband. 1776.
B) She applied the ideology developed to combat parliamentary supremacy. Argued to change US colonial marriage laws.

Revolutionary ideology vs. slavery
A) Africans and Euros saw it ironic that US feared of British "enslaving" them.
B) African Americans took advantage of the ideology. 1779 a group of slaves asked state legislature why they have authority to take their freedom and property

The first emancipation
A) Vermont banned slavery in 1777, and then gradual abolition of slavery.
B) States began to abolish slavery. Only in northern states did abolition of slavery begin.

Growth of black population
A) Years following the revolution resulted in a dramatic rise in number of free Africans
B) War augmented the freed population. 1790 = 60,000 free blacks lived in the US. Change in crops from tobacco to grain.

The African Methodist Episcopal church
A) 1794 in Philadelphia led by reverend Richard Allen
B) AME churches sponsored schools and became cultural centers of the free black community. They learned that to survive and prosper then had to rely on collective effort.

Post revolutionary racist theory
A) Happened after the war. The theory of racism developed.
B) influential writers at the time argued that African slaves seemingly attained character derived from their enslavement. T.J insisted blacks were inferior to the whites in both body and mind. They thought blacks were...
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