Carl Robins

Topics: Employment, Drug test, Tests Pages: 3 (753 words) Published: January 27, 2007
Carl Robins, Recruiter for ABC, Inc.

Carl Robins is a new campus recruiter employee to ABC, Inc. Within six months on- the- job he has successfully recruited 15 new employees to the company; this is his first recruitment effort.
Carl has to hire 15 new employees to work for Monica Carrols, the operation supervisor. He has set a deadline to have all new employees orientated on June 15th, and working by July After Memorial Day May 28th, Carl was in his office doing some last minute reviews of the new hires files making sure all documents were in order prior to the new employees ‘ orientation, scheduled for June 15th. He notice at this time that some of the new trainees application were incomplete, none of them had been sent for the mandatory drug screening test, transcripts were missing, After returning from his walk, he discovered that the training room for the new orientation had been reserved for the entire month for computer training seminars. Carl panicked, and thought to himself, "What am I going to do?"

Key Problems
Carl is a new employee to ABC Inc., and has only being working for six months. This is his first recruitment effort. Although he has recruited 15 new employees, he may lack the experience, and knowledge of new employee orientation. Carl's first problem is (1) training room for new hire orientation has been reserved for the same month he needs it. (2) incomplete application and transcript on files. (3) mandatory drug screen tests are not done.

Carl needs to first inform Mrs. Carrols of the situation at hand, because these 15 new employees will be working for her. He needs to regain control over the situation because he is in charge. First, he should do some brainstorming and prioritizing his most important task using time management. He has 17 days before the new employee orientation. Carl can call the 15 new employees and inform them...

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