Caring for Someone with a Disability Can Be Both Difficult and Rewarding.

Topics: Parent, Food, Mother Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Caring for someone with a disability can be both difficult and rewarding.

In Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time by Mark Hadden, shows a parent caring for a child with a disability may be stressful at times but it can be very rewarding as well.

Christopher dad had a lot of tolerance and patience to deal with Christopher and had many stressful times with him. He felt like he wonted to go and sit in the corner and yell and scream like Christopher did. But as a good parent would do, he did all the little things for Christopher. One thing was having to prepare a meal for Christopher was very challenging. Christopher only like certain colours, so he had to make foods/meals that had the colours that Christopher liked. If not Christopher wouldn’t eat. Another thing was that Christopher didn’t like his foods touching because then it would be mixing the food and then it would mix colours. Then Christopher would end up not eating. The troubles of doing this for every meal would be horrendous. Another day to day job is cleaning the house and doing the dishes, Christopher likes every thing to be in order and in its set place and spot. All the couches, tables, chairs, cups, containers all have to he in there spot or he doesn’t feel safe. So vacuuming he has to make sure all the chairs are in the same spot and once doing the dishes, all the cups have to be in the correct spot so that Christopher not only feels safe when he’s home but he then knows were every thing is and can find things easily with out getting stressed.

Trying to teach Christopher life skills, meeting new people and just having a conversation with someone without think they are going to hurt him, this is difficult for any parents but as a single parent it would be very tough. If Christopher had a new teacher at school he would sit up the back of the class and watch them and watch them for weeks just to make they weren’t going to hurt him. He asks them stupid questions like if the had pets....
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