Caribou Coffee

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We will be looking into the wonderful world of gourmet coffee. The Minneapolis based company Caribou Coffee that was started in December 1992. Their motto is “life is too short… stay awake for it”. It was original started by a couple, who hiked to the top of Sable Mountain in Alaska. Once they reached the peak they were meet with a breath taking view. From that moment forward, they wanted to share their view with the world. They wanted to help create a place where people could escape. They wanted to give the world an opportunity to enjoy their experience that day on the top of the mountain when they saw a glorious view of sky, earth and beautiful caribou. The first store opened its doors in our very own Edina, Minnesota. The couple knew that location was a huge part of their success and opened the second location in Uptown. The company was able to hold their own in the Minneapolis market, even though they were faced with great competition. The company currently has about 500 company owned locations in 16 states as well as several location abroad.

Caribou Coffee has many core values. To name a few, they strive to be excellent, not average. They are always looking to create new opportunities. They want to make a difference in the communities that they serve. There current mission is to provide an experience that is guaranteed to make your day better. They want to start with a high quality cup of coffee and top it off with an amazing environment, with a neighborhood feel. They offer a variety of different beans and provide you with the knowledge to determine that right on for you. They also offer great bakery items to completely your favorite cup of coffee. They provide all these things to fulfill their vision to create a special experience for each and every one of us.

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