Caribbean Studies Internal Assesment

Topics: Extracurricular activity, High school Pages: 22 (4832 words) Published: March 22, 2011
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Problem Statement

Does the participation in extra-curricular activities impact the mentality( what do you mean by meantality) and academic performance of the students within Trinity College?

Relevance of Topic to Caribbean Studies.

I choose this topic in relevance to Caribbean Studies because it has become quite prominent amongst my colleagues for many of them choosing to be involved in extracurricular activities. From as early as form one and even prior in Primary School, many people are involved in these activities. As active as the members are in their respected practices, it has come to my attention that not all of them end up on the “good side of life”. Many drop out of school, dwell in mediocrity for more than 3 years or just get lead amongst the wrong paths in life. From visual experience, this is very well-known in the Caribbean and this study will clarify the possible outcomes of being involved in chosen activities, the effects on the students lives and to what extent. Did they tell you it is okay to write in 1st person or do you have to write in 3rd person? Instead of I chose this topic maybe…. This topic was chosen because there are several individuals who currently engage in….. etc

Statement of the Problem

As early as the 19th century, the implementation of extracurricular activities into school was being looked into. This was (looked upon) maybe discussed or attempts were made to implement etc… but looked upon seem very strange here by several American tutors and students, mainly to find a way to engage students into the education system and also how to improve their skills and knowledge (u cant engage into a system… u can engage them while in the system or you can induct or introduce to a system. During this century, the idea became more and more attractive and now as it is implemented in many schools globally, some cannot imagine school life without it So much so that it is now considered the norm in several places/ territories. The problem associated with this idea now is, even though some prefer to become more involved in extracurricular activities presented to them, they, voluntarily and involuntarily are unable to balance their school work and the activity. This leaves these individuals on many different ends of life? Lost with this last statement.

Research Questions:1: How many students are involved in extracurricular activities?

2: Has involvement in these activities impacted on their life?

3: Does it impact on their academics?

4: Is violence a possible entity in their activities?

5: Are students more involved in School or their ECA?

Educational Value of Research
From this research project, it is now possible to use the gathered information to better understand the impacts of involvement amongst youth in extracurricular activities. This information can be used and distributed amongst schools in the Caribbean, and later on, the different activities can be assessed separately and scheduling decisions can be made for each activity to help enhance academic performance as well as manage and promote physical health.

Literature Reviews

The idea to develop extracurricular activities in college is not too old: at the beginning of the 19th century, several American tutors and students thought over the ways of how to engage other students into the education process and make them improve their...

Bibliography: Websites marked with * were accessed in December 2010 (** January 2011)
● Dodge, Kenneth A
● “Youth Violence in the Caribbean: A Case Study of the Dominican Republic” (Section 5.37), (20th September, 2010) *
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