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Topics: Dancehall, Jamaica, Reggae Pages: 11 (3092 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Name: Romario McLeod
Subject: Caribbean Studies
Center #: 100088
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Topic: The effect of dancehall music on teenagers in Tawes Meadows INTRODUCTION
Jamaican dance hall originated in the 1950s, when young adults would gather at outdoor locations to dance to music. Over time, it went from being a small music form to rivaling the more popular reggae music. Dance hall culture involves women wearing little clothing, music with deep bass and even competitions to determine a dance hall queen. Dance hall dancers also perform a dance style known as "daggering," in which dance partners engage in suggestive and aggressive sexual positions. This dance style prompted the Jamaican government to ban dance hall music from radio and television. Dancehall is a musical style that is very popular in the Caribbean and around the world. However, the music style has come under fire for the lyrics and imagery it creates. Since the origin of dancehall music in Jamaica it’s known to be creating effects on TEEN-AGERS and more over the society.

The researcher will be studying the effect of dancehall music on teenagers in the Tawes Meadows community.

The effect dancehall music creates on teenagers in the Tawes Meadows community.

Background to the problem
Dance hall music, like most music, is a form of self expression. It is an art form through which the entertainers explore and relate the events and issues of their lives. In dancehall’s infancy, the message was predominantly light-hearted and even humorous, and it was always kept more or less clean. That is not the case anymore today dance hall music has changed to a new era, by popular dance hall artist like vybz kartel, Movado, Aidonia and many more. These big time artists play a great role in young people lives today. These artist should stop promote violence and sexual insult to young women. Dance Hall music is a vital part of Jamaican society. What would Jamaica be without dance hall music? It is unimaginable. Although dance hall music is an important aspect of the Jamaican society this genre of music has proven to bring about both positive and negative effects on Jamaica. Economically, dance hall music contributes to the National Income of Jamaica. Tourists are drawn to Jamaica because of our music. When tourists visit Jamaica they bring in foreign exchange that helps in the growth of the Jamaican economy. Many of our artists contribute to the economy in the form of taxes. Several of our dancehall artistes have charity programmes and help in the building of community centers. This is referred to as Social Responsibility. Whether you are a fan of dancehall music or not you will still come in contact with it. Dancehall music is everywhere in Jamaica. You may hear it while travelling in buses or taxes, while walking down the street and just about anywhere. Some dancehall artistes promote violence. This can lead to an increase in criminal activities in Jamaica. Some of these lyrics make it seems acceptable to just hurt or kill someone without showing any remorse. It has also been alleged that some artists have been involved in some of these criminal activities. Crimes Teenage Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases are on the continuous increase in Jamaica. Teenagers seem to be having more sexual relationships than adults. Promiscuous behaviors that are taking over this beautiful island have become one of many reasons for an overwhelming increase in the number of HIV/AIDS and STD cases.

What effects doe’s dancehall music creates on teenagers in the towesmedows community?

* What genre of music is most listen by teenagers in the Toys Meadows community? * Does dancehall music portray influence on teenagers in the toys Meadows community? * What are the negative and positive effect dancehall music create on teenagers within the toys medoys community * What measures can be take to alleviate the negative...
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