Caregiving Provides the Morale and Wellness of the Elderly

Topics: Health care, Old age, Health care provider Pages: 6 (2058 words) Published: December 8, 2005

Caregiving among the adult population is a popular trend in the twenty-first century. Now that aging population is increasing in its proportion family members entrust their elder's the caregivers. Since part of the caregiver's task is to take account the elder's morale and well-being. In becoming an effective caregiver one should be knowledgeable, patient and compassionate. They should also assume the role of being a healthcare provider as well as to become the emotional counselor. (Anderson, 2001) said that the older adults want to have a say in the kind of health care they receive, where they receive it, and from whom. As a caregiver one should provide a clear and definite assessment and diagnosis of the actual and potential health problems as well as the emotional and psychosocial needs. Statement of the problem:

What are the characteristics of an efficient and effective caregiver? What role do the caregivers play in the earl recovery of their elder patient? Significance of the study:
The significance of this term paper is to give the readers a thorough understanding of what it takes to take care of an elder or an aging relative. In the aim to provide the elder's the proper care in their physical, mental, social, and emotional needs. But more than anything else this study focuses on the emotional aspect of the elder's, for it is the most essential aspect in care giving. It has been an issue ever since on the care the elder's should receive and from whom. This term paper want to make its reader realize the value of the elders in one's family or even in one's society.

Scope and limitation:
This study aims to provide clear and definite characteristics on how it takes to become an efficient and effective caregiver and as to what role each caregiver must assume. Methods Used:
Research is the method use in acquiring facts and ideas in this topic. Books, articles and internet are some of its sources. The modes of exposition used are summary, quotation, paraphrasing and personal comment.

Discussion of the Problem:
In taking the role of a caregiver what should it take to become an efficient and effective one? What characteristics should it possess? And what role it should play? Problem 1: what are the characteristics of an efficient and effective caregiver? Being a knowledgeable caregiver one should have a good educational background, capable of applying the skills learned and should be able to earn it credibility. When dealing the elder's physical, social, and mental concerns one should know the form of help it requires. That includes active questioning and listening, clarifying a problem, providing necessary information and discussing options and consequences to the elder's family. (Carnevali, 1993) cites the individualized goal of an elder in which must be known and resolved. The elder's individualized goals are maintaining ones dignity, managing ones financial affair, obtaining proper health care and engaging in useful activity. In caring the older people the caregiver should be able to examine his/her philosophy in life as well as to understand different culture and religious beliefs. A caregiver should also know how to interpret states law about the elder's right to participate in decisions of their lives. And lastly, as a caregiver one should also know his/her right to be able to serve the elder's efficiently and effectively. Patience is an important characteristic of being an efficient and effective caregiver. Elder's deserve to be treated and cared properly. Its tough being a caregiver so patience must be instills. It's like rising a child "Caring for an elder is something you're never prepared for. And, while some say its just as difficult as raising a child, I say it's even more difficult. When you raised a child, you expect that they will eventually grow up and lead lives filled with good things- but that's not the case when you're caring for a parent or an aging...
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