Caregiver: Family and Women

Topics: Family, Need, Want Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: August 29, 2013
Topic: Women should be the primary caregiver for their children. From ancient times, the work of women was to care for family and child care. They had to stay home and not allowed to have jobs because women were not appreciated at that time. But the present is now different; women can work and still be able to care for children. This essay will discuss if the women should be the primary caregiver for their children or not.

First of all, traditionally, men are the backbone of the families so women must be at home to support their husbands. Over thousands of years, women have been taught to be able to become caregivers by the influence of society from culture, religion and tradition. Women have more knowledge about looking after the children, which they learn from other women in the families. Secondly, women's instinct is to look after children. Women’s natural role is to fulfill the duties of a mother. Men can be violent toward their children otherwise; women who gave birth to a child in a painful way will be gently, calmly teaching children. Moreover, in the animal kingdom, the female is generally the one that rears her young especially other mammals for example dears, lions. In addition, the most important reason is that the babies need their mother for breast milk which only the women have.

On the other hand, the women’s situation has been changed. Firstly, society is changing so that the women become more active, modern, educated and working more than usual. Nowadays, women want equality between male and female. They want to work, to keep their independent and liberty, to have their voice in the families. These things will make them happier. And a happy mother is good for children. Secondly, changing in the economy is one of the reasons why women go to work. The inflation causes price rising, which makes everything is impossible for people to afford. Because of the inflation, women have to work to support family’s finance and save more money for children’s...
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