Careers in Psychology

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Careers in Psychology
Michelle Jackson
March 16, 2014
Danielle Smith

There are many careers in the field of psychology and I have found two that interest me very much. One is a Pediatric Psychologist and the other is Behavioral Psychologist. I have found these two to be in my area of what I want to be in life. I will explain to you the reason behind choosing them and give you a description of what they are and the type of experience is needed as well as the qualifications for both.

Pediatric Psychologist
Pediatric psychologist is a scientific research and clinical practice that addresses the psychological aspects of injury, illness, and the promotion of health behaviors in children and adolescents in a pediatric health setting. I chose this area because of the fact that I love working with children and I want to study exactly how their mind works and I would help them by focusing on one problem at a time. A child psychologist can choose no matter the population, but his or her focus will be on helping understand to prevent diagnoses along with treating developmental, and emotional issues. There are quite a few duties that a child psychologist must do and they include; diagnosing and treating learning or developmental disabilities, working with clients to deal with behavioral issues, working with a team to create a treatment plan for the individual and doing research on childhood development. In order to be a psychologist in this area there are qualifications one must have to be one. One must have a master’s degree but some people find it more plentiful if they have obtained a Ph.D. or Psy.D. Degree in either clinical or counseling psychology. After earning the degree will have to complete a clinical internship and pass state and national tests in order to become licensed. I would always think that a child psychologist would just work in a hospital but they are everywhere including schools, courts, and mental clinics. The ones that work in court are there to help young clients who have come in contact with the criminal justice system. They are there to prepare them for testifying or are involved in the middle of a custody dispute. The psychologist who work in hospitals have direct contact with the clients to help them overcome or to help them cope with psychological illness.

Behavioral Psychologist
Behavioral psychologist is also known as behaviorism and it is a perspective that became dominant thanks to John B. Watson and B.F. Skinner. The bases of this is that all behaviors are learned. I first became interested in this field because of John B. Watson. John had an experiment called “Little Albert.” Little Albert was an experiment that he conditioned a child to fear a rat. Although the ethics of this experiment was criticized, it was accomplished by pairing the white rat with a loud, frightening noise over and over. According to the school of thought on, behavior can be studied with no consideration of mental illness. The first step into becoming a behavior psychologist is to earn your bachelor’s degree. A student must work as an intern or become an assistant to experienced professionals for about one to two years. According to, the empirically supported behavioral used in this specialty apply to a wide range of problems: anxiety disorders, depression, personality disorders, substance abuse, health-related problems, emotion regulation problems, developmental disorders, and child behavioral problems. Every career has certain skills that are required to become an expert in that field. The skills to become a behavioral psychologist are having to measure overt behavior and case conceptualization, cognitions, use of empirically supported treatments and ongoing assessment of effectiveness as needed. Behavioral psychologist usually work in places like mental...

References: 1913 - John Watson 's Psychology as a Behaviorist Views It was published. The article outlined the many of the main points of behaviorism.
1920 - Watson and assistant Rosalie Rayner conducted the famous "Little Albert" experiment. Psychology Psychology is a Behavioral and Mental and Health Profession
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