Career Planning and Development

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The current employment environment has been through a great deal of change since the late 20th century, this report aims to identify the main trends that characterise the current employment environment and discuss the implications theses have for employees, and determine what skills, knowledge and abilities employees require in this day and age. The report will go on to examine an advertisement for a graduate position at Radio Rentals. Job information such as job description and job specification will be discussed as well as a brief overview of the organisation’s culture and future goals. To follow this, a career plan will be presented for a hypothetical student from Malaysia. This will include her plans to apply for the position at Radio Rentals and her future goals in career development including networking and joining professional associations.


The current work environment has experienced huge changes compared to a more traditional work environment of past generations, which Defillippi and Arthur (1994) suggest emphasized stability, hierarchy, and clearly defined job positions for career progression. Globalisation is one trend that is having massive implications on the current employment environment, employees now have career opportunities that extend internationally, and they need certain skills to be successful in coping with this. Another trend in the current employment environment includes de-layering and downsizing of companies, due to the effects of globalisation and rapid technological advancements and the current economic downturn. Due to this no longer are employees remaining with the same company for life, and this brings about the idea of boundaryless careers. This affects what kind of knowledge and skills they need to develop during their career, skills and knowledge can no longer be solely company specific. The final employment trend to be discussed is workforce diversity, including things such as ethnicity, gender and age. This diversity requires employees and employers to have certain competencies to cope with this trend successfully and effectively.


“Globalization can be defined as the process of social, political, economic, cultural and technological integration among countries around the world” (Hodgetts, Luthans & Doh, 2006, p 9). This will obviously have a large range of effects on the employment environment, as organisations are no longer constrained by national borders (Robbins, Millett & Waters-Marsh, 2004, p15). There is a high possibility that an employee, especially a manager, may be asked to take part in an organisations operations abroad. It is very important then for an employee to have a firm understanding of cultural values and understand behavioural expectations in certain cultures. Berger (1998) states that people’s natural tendency is to try to transplant the skills that work in their home culture into a new culture. People that attempt to use the familiar skills from home usually find that they do not work in other cultures, resulting in destabilisation, culture shock and intolerance towards others (Berger, 1998). Consequently, to cope with the current trend of globalization it is important for employees to develop their skills and competencies in communication so they are able to understand differing cultural meanings, able to develop relationships in order to work productively, and gauge one’s jargon and speed of delivery to the language fluency of the listener (Berger, 1998). Additional to this the employee must be able to deal with rapid change and uncertainty and should be able to adjust and respond to differing competitive and political environments (Vance, 2002). All these skill are needed to be successful in the international arena.

“Many organizations are now placing a premium on job candidates’ global competencies as these organizations strive to compete in an increasingly globally integrated marketplace”(Vance, 2002)....
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