Career Planning

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Essay On Career Planning
There are few issues that every student in his/ her academic lifetime has to deal with. They are:

1.When is the right time to plan your career?
2.What factors determine the choice of career?
3.Do these questions haunt you? &
4.Do you know about career planning?

Each one has to take these decisions is his life.

For a dream career, we need-
-Right Planning
-Proper Guidance
-Hard work

Careful Planning can result into wonders. This work begins right from SSC/ HSC/ Graduation. It includes proper understanding of individual likings, academic potentials, attributes, talents, personal interest, personality, value expectations, and resources available and its utility as well as their optimum use, etc.

The following factors involved in a job must be considered:
a.Rights and Power of Job
c.Challenges and
d.Return On Investment (ROI)

Few Things to Keep In Mind ( KIM )

-During education, the student should choose optional subjects correctly. -A route to a successful career depends on selection of proper subjects. -An abundance of choice often makes it difficult for a student to decide the best career path to follow. -Friends, relatives, teachers guide students from their angles but it creates a peer pressure on the students. Students get confused at this juncture

What is next?
What is the best career for me?
Where will I get all the information from?

As per typical trend, Science is the preferred option followed by Commerce & Arts. Students may even have some preset or envisaged career goals based on their aspirations, peer pressure, or liking rubbed on them from people close to them. -On account of this, a hasty or impulsive decision results in dissatisfaction and poor performance in academics by the student. This occurs if parents do not understand candidates (student) and thereby parent likings are imposed on them.

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