Career Plan Analysis Paper

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Career Plan Analysis
Lisa A Schmidt
December 22, 2014
Denise Land

Career Plan Analysis
Career planning is important when developing career goals and outlining on how attain them. The career planning analysis does not give a precise picture of my current career choice. I base my career choice on the need to learn, teach, and manage. When setting career goals, it is important to consider the career interest profile. The personality assessment describes my traits as a people person, creative, and optimistic. These traits are an important factor when managing employees and creating a positive working environment (Desiderio, 2011). A Masters in Business will create additional opportunities for managing employees and organizing an organization. Business courses at the University of Phoenix will teach more that the information in the textbook, but will teach the importance of teamwork and reaching deadlines. My current class, Management 521 gives an excellent grasp of the responsibilities of management and the role that managers play in the workplace. Management classes are giving me new insight into previous work experiences which allow me to change and reexamine the most effective ways to manage. To be an effective manager I must learn to work with employees to achieve goals and work in the interest of the organization. Management 521 teaches the functional areas of a business and the management skills that are necessary to be an effective leader. The text gives overview on how to plan, organize, and evaluate the needs of employees and the organization. The information from this management class teaches me the skills to train and motivate employees to meet the needs of the organization. Throughout the management course it is critical to understand the value an organization places on managers. Communication is essential in keeping all areas of a business communicating for the purpose of aligning core values and goals within the...

References: Desiderio, K. P. (2011). The effect of personality traits on work flow experiences of employees at four organizations (Order No. AAI3416030). Available from PsycINFO. (861793443; 2011-99030-471). Retrieved from
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